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RVAsec 2018 VIdeos

We’re pleased to announce the immediate availability of the RVAsec 2018 videos!


Click through to watch all presentations on YouTube, and all the slides are also now available as well!


RVAsec 2017 Videos: Robert Wood and Greg Pepper

Robert Wood
Maintainability + Security = <3 



Greg Pepper
Best Practices for Securing the Hybrid Cloud (Slides)

RVAsec 2017 Videos: Dan Holden and Troy Marshall

Dan Holden
Retailing Another Threat Landscape Story 



Troy Marshall
RoboCop- Bringing law and order to CICD 

RVA5ec Videos: Rockie Brockway

Rockie Brockway
Enterprise Threat Management Like a Boss (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Michelle Schafer/Tim Wilson and David Sirrine

Michelle Schafer & Tim Wilson
The Changing Mind of the Security Pro — How Hype and Media Shape Infosec Priorities (Slides)

David Sirrine
Open Source Identity Management: From Password to Policy (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Steve Christey

Steve Christey
Toward Consistent, Usable Security Risk Assessment of Medical Devices (Slides)



RVA5ec Videos: Dawn-Marie Hutchinson and Joey Peloquin

Dawn-Marie Hutchinson
Beyond the Security Team: The Economics of Breach Response (Slides)

Joey Peloquin
Deceptive Defense: Beyond Honeypots (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Chris Romeo

Chris Romeo
AppSec Awareness: A Blue Print for Security Culture Change (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Ben Smith and Andrew McNicol/Zack Meyers

Ben Smith
Measuring Security: How Do I Know What a Valid Metric Looks Like? (Slides)

Andrew McNicol & Zack Meyers
Beyond Automated Testing (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Brenton Kohler/Jacob Ewers and Joshua Cole

Brenton Kohler & Jacob Ewers
So You’ve Purchased a SAST Tool (Slides)

Joshua Cole
Probability in Cyber Risk Assessment: Holy Grail or Red Herring? (Slides)