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RVAsec 2017 Videos: Grayson Walters and Derek Banks/Troy Wojewoda

Grayson Walters
Building A Pentest Program On A Shoestring Budget (Slides)



Derek Banks and Troy Wojewoda
Poor Man’s Spy vs. Spy – Analysis of Red Team Attack Techniques by Blue Team Forensicators (Slides)

RVAsec 2017 Videos: Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia – Keynote Remarks

Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia
Keynote Remarks

RVAsec 2017 Videos: Ron Gula – Keynote

Ron Gula
Keynote (Slides)

RVAsec 2017 Videos: Mikko Hypponen – Keynote

Mikko Hypponen
Keynote (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Rockie Brockway

Rockie Brockway
Enterprise Threat Management Like a Boss (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Michelle Schafer/Tim Wilson and David Sirrine

Michelle Schafer & Tim Wilson
The Changing Mind of the Security Pro — How Hype and Media Shape Infosec Priorities (Slides)

David Sirrine
Open Source Identity Management: From Password to Policy (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Steve Christey

Steve Christey
Toward Consistent, Usable Security Risk Assessment of Medical Devices (Slides)



RVA5ec Videos: Dawn-Marie Hutchinson and Joey Peloquin

Dawn-Marie Hutchinson
Beyond the Security Team: The Economics of Breach Response (Slides)

Joey Peloquin
Deceptive Defense: Beyond Honeypots (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Chris Romeo

Chris Romeo
AppSec Awareness: A Blue Print for Security Culture Change (Slides)

RVA5ec Videos: Ben Smith and Andrew McNicol/Zack Meyers

Ben Smith
Measuring Security: How Do I Know What a Valid Metric Looks Like? (Slides)

Andrew McNicol & Zack Meyers
Beyond Automated Testing (Slides)