Pete Herzog


200x200_herzog.png (200×200)Pete Herzog is the co-founder of ISECOM and the lead security researcher and creator of the OSSTMM. His analysis of security, hacking, trust, fraud, and neuro-hacking have shown up in thousands of research papers, books, and government documents around the world. He’s passionate about hacking and figuring out how things (and people) work. And he’s actually a pretty good guy.


Dave Lauer


DLauer_1200-e1429408546519.jpg (225×150)

Dave Lauer is President & Managing Partner of KOR Group, a research and analysis consultancy specializing in market structure and technology. Dave is also the co-founder and President of Healthy Markets, a non-profit coalition of financial firms that seeks to improve disclosure and transparency in the industry while advancing data-driven market structure reforms. Dave’s current work focuses on leveraging machine-learning and “big data” to help improve algorithmic order routing systems, to refine buyside execution decisions, and to generally facilitate continued enhancement of all market structure analysis. Working closely with a wide range of market participants—including institutional buyside, sellside, ATSs, exchanges, regulators and retail robo-advisors—Dave channels his unique body of knowledge toward helping firms navigate increasingly complex modern markets.

Dave also serves as an independent director for Aequitas, a new
Canadian stock exchange.

Dave’s previous work includes technology architecture at Verdande Finance and IEX Group, public advocacy at Better Markets, and electronic trading at Allston Trading and Citadel Investment Group. Dave also helped develop technology for Tervela as an early employee during its formative stages. In his spare time, Dave collaborates on the maintenance and advancement of, an innovative online photo-narrative storytelling network.

Hacking the Market. How financial market players manipulate prices and infrastructure.

“This is a look inside the current security of modern stock exchange networks in the US known as “the stock market”. The financial networks are an ecosystem that has grown both outside of and within the limits of the Internet to trade billions of dollars daily in the US alone. It is as unique as any internal infrastructure and a fascinating study of evolution where operators push systems to their limits for performance in a drive to generate revenue from their best customers (high-frequency traders) while operating within a regulatory framework that is changing rapidly. It’s a hacker’s sci-fi paradise!”


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