Caleb “chill” Crable



Caleb is a long-time contributor to the information security scene. A dirty whitehat, Caleb’s career spans various stints at information technology firms where he managed malware response teams, researched web-based security vulnerabilities and tested security products. He is a frequent presenter at technology security events where he shares information and best security practices including the recent Bsides Tampa and upcoming CarolinaCon, and is also the organizer for CarolinaCon Shootout in its 6th year.

The Art of Post-Infection Response and Mitigation

In this day and age, we are all [mostly] fully aware how far signature-based antivirus detentions go… not very far at all in regard to real-time protection. Users will get infected, there are no longer any IF statements in this equation. My focus is the gray area of post-infection and the many different aspects of end-user and incident response frustration that occur after a virus has penetrated a system, or organization, and done its dirty work. I will also be going over various malware removal and mitigation techniques, tools of the trade, and general guidelines to follow to prevent infections from happening in the first place.


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