Michelle Schaffer/ Tim Wilson



Michelle Schafer heads up Merritt Group’s Security practice where she applies more than a decade of hands-on PR-related security experience spanning every discipline. She is known for creating and implementing strategic communications campaigns that drive results for clients such as Venafi, CrowdStrike, Ionic Security, Mach37, BlackHat and more.
Michelle has presented at Security B-Sides DC/Las Vegas and ISSA events and was recognized as a top influencer in the security community in 2010 and has been quoted in “Women in Security” stories.

Tim Wilson is the Editor in Chief of the number one security trade publication, DarkReading.com.


Hasty Headlines in InfoSec: Don’t Be Fooled by Everything You Read!

This session will discuss why some data breaches like Sony and Target get much more media attention than others and what enterprises can do to keep their names out of headlines, or at least be prepared when or if it ever happens to them. It will also give you an inside look at how security media determine what’s major news and what’s not and how PR “spin” is all part of the process.

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