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As its CEO, Jennifer Steffens spearheads all aspects of IOActive’s global CEO business operations and drives the company’s strategic vision. Jennifer brings a wealth of industry and business experience to the company, having been an early member of several successful startups.

Earlier in her career, Jennifer was a Director at Sourcefire, where she helped build and grow its run rate from $250K to over $35M in just four years. She helped commercialize the Snort open source intrusion detection and prevention technology and built several service offerings around research initiatives. Prior to joining IOActive, Jennifer came to Seattle to help startup GraniteEdge reinvent itself. While there, she led initiatives to restructure the company and developed a product strategy that ultimately secured two additional rounds of funding. With over ten years of industry experience, Jennifer has held senior management positions at Ubizen, NFR Security, and StillSecure.

Jennifer is a well-respected media source, appearing in InfoSecurity Magazine, SC Magazine, Good Morning America, BBC, Reuters, The Guardian, and CBS News. She has been invited to give keynote presentations at a variety of conferences such as HackInTheBox. Jennifer is a member of EWF, ISSA, and OWASP.

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