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RV4sec 2015: Ticket Transfers & Cancellations

Did you know you can transfer an RVAsec ticket to a co-worker or friend directly in Eventbrite?

Log in to your account and go to My Tickets (you may need to create an account using the email address you registered).

Then you can view your Current Orders (select RVAsec), and “Edit details” for the ticket. Changing the “Contact Information” will update the name of the person registered to check in at the conference. You can also change the questions asked at registration, which will help us plan for parking, catering and other items.

Also, please note that no refunds for training or the conference will be issued after May 26th.

Time is running out!


Only 4 days left to claim your Early Bird Registration special pricing for RV4sec 2015!

For only $125 you get 2 full days of talks, meals, parking, snacks, drinks, reception, after party, prizes, a capture the flag contest, t-shirt and swag.

The price goes up to $150 after Friday, so don’t wait!




Early Bird Registration Still Available!

Early Bird tickets are available until March 14th – grab them now for only $125!

Registration includes 2 full days of talks, meals, parking, snacks, drinks, reception, after party, prizes, a capture the flag contest, t-shirt & swag!

Register now!


Regular Registration Ends TODAY!

restricted_area_-_authorized_personnel_only_sign_lRegular registration for RVAs3c ends at 11:55 PM Eastern time today! 

We may have late registration tickets for $150 (yes, that’s $50 more than right now)… but no guarantee!

And since there are no sales at the door, don’t wait–just register to guarantee yourself entry.

Our amazingly cheap training classes will remain open for now, as all four still have spots available.

RVAsec tickets on sale now for $50

Not $100!The base ticket price for RVAs3c is $100. However,  until 3/14 all registrations will be half off–only $50!

For the last two years RVAsec has brought the best speakers to Richmond, kept attendees fed and watered, and ensured everyone had a great time for the lowest possible cost. Despite selling out both conferences, the large number of late registrations is a serious problem and adds to conference costs. So this year we are trying something different & raising the base price a little, but offering a deep discount to encourage early registration,

And if that’s not enough incentive to purchase your tickets early, late registrations (after 5/17) will be $150!

Don’t forget all the things you get with registration, including 2 full days of talks, parking, meals, snacks, drinks, reception, prizes, a capture the flag contest, t-shirt & swag!

So, to recap the conference prices:

  • $50 discounted price until 3/14
  • $100 regular price until 5/16
  • $150 late registration until 5/30

Once again there will be no tickets sold at the door, and don’t forget that RVAs3c has sold out every year–so don’t wait!

Register now!