Not $100!The base ticket price for RVAs3c is $100. However,  until 3/14 all registrations will be half off–only $50!

For the last two years RVAsec has brought the best speakers to Richmond, kept attendees fed and watered, and ensured everyone had a great time for the lowest possible cost. Despite selling out both conferences, the large number of late registrations is a serious problem and adds to conference costs. So this year we are trying something different & raising the base price a little, but offering a deep discount to encourage early registration,

And if that’s not enough incentive to purchase your tickets early, late registrations (after 5/17) will be $150!

Don’t forget all the things you get with registration, including 2 full days of talks, parking, meals, snacks, drinks, reception, prizes, a capture the flag contest, t-shirt & swag!

So, to recap the conference prices:

  • $50 discounted price until 3/14
  • $100 regular price until 5/16
  • $150 late registration until 5/30

Once again there will be no tickets sold at the door, and don’t forget that RVAs3c has sold out every year–so don’t wait!

Register now!