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Training Class: Lockpicking & Lock Forensics

Back by popular demand, RVAs3c is pleased to announce the training class Lockpicking with Schuyler Towne! This year’s class will also offer new content on Lock Forensics!

Training classes are held on Thursday, June 4th, before the conference.  This class will cost $250.

Lockpicking & Lock Forensics

This workshop is based around understanding both how to pick locks and how to analyze the evidence picking leaves behind. We will explore myriad methods of entry on basic pin tumbler locks, then, after each method is fully understood, we’ll place the components of the locks you’ve opened under a high-definition microscope and explain how to interpret the tool marks you have left behind.
The methods of entry covered will include:
  • Single-pin picking
  • Raking
  • Percussive attacks (pick guns/bumping)
  • and Impressioning
At the end of the workshop we’ll test your new knowledge by examining a few lock examples I’ve brought along under the microscope and analyze them together.
For more information on the class and the instructor, or to register, please see:

RVAsec Videos: Schuyler Towne & Dan Holden

And wrapping up the RVAsec 2013 videos are Schuyler Towne and Dan Holden!

Schuyler Towne: Vulnerability Research Circa 1851

Dan Holden: DDoS and Modern Threat Motives