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Roman Bohuk is an about-to-graduate senior at Deep Run High School. He has been a part of the Center for Information Technology at his school where he was introduced to both theoretical and applied computer science, some cybersecurity topics, and project management. In the past, Roman was fortunate to meet a few industry professionals, which enabled him to participate in several security and programming conferences and contests. Roman’s experiences and observations prompted him to look for ways to help other students with fewer opportunities to explore the computer science field. Together with Jake, Roman is a co-creator of MetaCTF, a small organization that has hosted CTF contests at schools, universities, and security contests for over 3 years.



Jake Smith has just finished up his senior year at Deep Run High School as part of the Center for Information Technology (CIT) program. Over the last four years through competing in competitions such as CyberPatriot and various CTFs, Jake discovered his passion – cybersecurity – which he plans to pursue in college. He is also the co-creator of MetaCTF, a cybersecurity capture-the-flag competition designed to help middle and high school students learn and practice their “hacking” skills all while in a safe, open environment.


Think of the Children: Preparing the Next Generation of Security Specialists

Undoubtedly, cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in today’s industry. For example, a Cisco report from a few years ago estimates there to be over 1 million unfilled cybersecurity positions worldwide. But how are we preparing people to fill this critical job gap? What kinds of skills should be taught and do current programs do a good job of preparing students? How do you teach “the security mindset”?
This talk will discuss a few issues (and solutions!) as seen by high school students who are interested in the cybersecurity field. How can industry professionals and organizations help train the people capable of securing their businesses? Join this session to learn some of the ways you or your company could get involved.

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