Robert Stratton



200x200_stratton_Bob.png (200×200)Bob Stratton is a serial security startup guy. He is General Partner at Mach37, a business accelerator for security product startups. He was a pentester before you could buy it in a box, ran security for a tier-1 ISP, and helped launch one of the very first commercial network IDS products. He has been a Director of a major security software company’s research lab, and worked on the investment side to help bring a variety of new technologies to market. When he’s not hacking on ancient hardware, scanning satellites, or coaching startups, he might be flying airplanes, building radios or experimenting with fragrance chemistry.

How Security Products Could Change the World, and Often Don’t.

Many security professionals find themselves wondering how it is that some security products ever made it into the market. If you’ve ever asked yourself that, wondered why the “good” seems to be the enemy of the “best,” or thought you might be able to do it better than the current players, this may be a talk for you. This talk will cover the things that have to happen in order to successfully bring a security product to the market, who is arrayed against it from day 1 (you may not have heard of some of them), and what it takes for a consultant to be in 100,000 places at once. Warning: thin-skinned consultants, bloviating product vendors, and ethereal marketing people may find some aspects of this talk objectionable. Professional discretion is advised.

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