Jeff Cummings, Senior Systems Engineer and Security Subject Matter Expert, Infoblox
Jeff has held this position at Infoblox for over five years supporting customers in the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC geography. He previously was a Security Engineer at CACI for almost 20 years. While at CACI, Jeff built and managed their Cyber Security Solutions lab in Chantilly, Virginia where he helped create and test security solutions, leveraging relationships with various security technologies. Prior, Jeff was on CACI’s Cyber team where his responsibilities included assessing security posture of numerous customers’ infrastructures and security stacks, as well as proposing/deploying remediation and improved security protections. Jeff graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from West Virginia Institute of Technology and is a current CISSP (#40254).

Preventing the Attack – DHCP and DNS for the Win!

When is the best time to prevent something? BEFORE it happens of course! This talk will describe the unique abilities of DNS and DHCP to protect your network by preventing potential malicious activity BEFORE it occurs. Both of these protocols can literally block malicious activity BEFORE it occurs! As the Internet of Things explodes on all of our networks, and complexity of networks increases, knowing what it on your network is critical. The increased number of devices, many of which are not in your control, can lead to an increased number of threats to your network. A simple, centrally controlled mechanism that can control access to ALL devices exists in your network already. Attend this session to find out how it works.

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