David Sharpe and Katherine Trame


David Sharpe and Katherine Trame are currently incident responders in GE-CIRT’s Advanced Threats team. The GE-CIRT Advanced Threats team provides world class incident response services for APT-related matters for the entire GE organization. David has a wide range of IT experience spanning 19 years. He has served in a variety of roles in Fortune 10 and Fortune 500 companies, ranging from systems programmer writing device drivers and operating system components, to large scale systems administration, to IT security. David joined GE-CIRT in 2011. Katherine served as an intelligence analyst with the Hampton, VA Police Division for five years during which she gained experience in tactical/operational intelligence and computer forensics. Katherine joined GE-CIRT in 2013.

Real World Intrusion Response – Lessons from the Trenches

Two battle-scarred, sleep-deprived GE-CIRT incident responders share lessons learned from the trenches, from their daily duties repelling real world, high-end network intrusions globally. This talk will include fresh thinking and innovative ideas in: intrusion response, intrusion detection, effective use of intel, and defensive operations. We will cover roughly a dozen (time permitting) cutting edge ideas and techniques that you can take back to your own organizations and put into practice right away.