Conrad Layne is a senior cyber intelligence analyst with General Electric since 2013. In this role, Conrad tracks more than 50 Nation-state actors, their attacks, and TTPs with efforts focused on cyber-attacks affecting industrial control systems. Conrad holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Forensic Science from Defiance College and a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security Intelligence from Utica College.

Operationalizing the ATT&CK™ Framework

Use of atomic indicators of compromise for cyber security, quickly become stale, and are often defeated by malicious actors. Behavioral-based detection strategies focus on series of actions, during an intrusion, and are more dynamic in defending against intrusions. In this talk, GE-CIRT discusses strategies to track, and respond to threat actors, by using frameworks like the Lockheed Martin Kill Chain and the MITRE ATT&CK framework with TIAMAT, GE’s in-house developed end-to-end operational ATT&CK tool.

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