Brenton Kohler and Jacob Ewers

@kohlerbn & @J_ewers

RVA locals with an AppSec obsession, Brenton Kohler and Jacob Ewers.

Brenton Kohler is a Managing Consultant with Cigital, a software security company. Brenton has a MS degree from James Madison University in Secure Software Systems. He has professional experience as a developer, researcher, and consultant. Brenton’s security expertise includes software security group management, penetration testing, security assessments, and secure code reviews in a diverse set of technologies. In his spare time Brenton enjoys being active and spending time with his family.

Jacob Ewers, a Senior Consultant with Cigital, has over five years of Jacob Ewersexperience working with clients to implement and optimize their security initiatives. After performing and leading countless dynamic and static assessments, Jacob began to focus on tackling the harder problems of how organizations can make sure that they’re doing AppSec “right” as solving the AppSec puzzle never looks the same for each type of organization.

So you’ve purchased a SAST tool
Despite the marketing, deployment of static application security testing (SAST) tools is much more than a point and click adventure. If you have purchased a SAST tool, you’ve undoubtedly had the thoughts, “Are we more secure?” “Are we done?” “Was that successful?” We will discuss the path for a successful SAST tool deployment, attempt to cut through the FUD in the industry regarding SAST, and highlight the real potential pitfalls you may face along the way through case studies.

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