Alex started Hive Systems in 2018 with his passion for cybersecurity and the role it plays in today’s interconnected world. He brings executive-level expertise in the establishment and continuous improvement of preeminent cybersecurity programs and applies his work from various cybersecurity disciplines in a holistic approach that prioritizes organization’s operations. Alex has provided cybersecurity consulting for over a decade to the public sector for federal, state, and local agencies, and in the private sector for a wide variety of industry segments.

His work has reduced the cybersecurity risk for Fortune 500 tech, financial, healthcare, consumer goods, and energy companies; in addition to the US Department of Justice, Peace Corps, US Federal Aviation Administration, and US House of Representatives. Alex is also an active contributor to the development of the cybersecurity curriculum for grade school students in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Talk the Talk: Communicating Business Risk During Cyber Incidents

It’s one thing to investigate and remediate a cyber incident with your team. It’s an entirely different beast to manage your organization’s leadership at the same time. Communicating about how an attack can disrupt business as usual is a critical piece of managing the incident response lifecycle. In this talk we’ll look at:

– Methods for effectively communicating about the types of cyber attacks;
– Shine a light on how business priorities may compete with incident response (including legal implications, crisis communications, and reputational risk); and
-Outline strategies to help you receive additional resources following a cyber incident.

Including your organization’s leaders will help, not hinder, your response in the long run. Add these tricks to your tool belt to conquer your next incident response.

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