Aqeel Yaseen transitioned into Offensive Security from over a decade of teaching yoga professionally, and is currently working with Blue Bastion Security. That might seem like a curious combination, but Pentesting and teaching yoga both help people cultivate awareness of blind spots, and find ways to learn and grow from that awareness. Aqeel has been teaching himself that art and skill of hacking by creating home labs, owning machines on HTB and Offsec’s Proving Grounds, and participating in CTFs. He has already earned the Security+, OSCP, and OSWA certifications, and is currently working towards the CRTO. He also has a website with two years of recorded yoga and meditation classes that are available for free. He is eager to learn and to share!

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Cybersecurity (<– add to your schedule)

We are meant to enjoy our lives; both personal, and professional.
As human beings, and as professionals, we all have to learn how to cultivate even-mindedness, balance, and fortitude to meet life/work challenges. Cybersecurity is fascinating because it requires us to constantly learn, and find ways to optimize our process. Burnout is a huge problem many fields, but especially in Cybersecurity. Cultivating a mindfulness or meditation practice is one of the most efficient ways we can support our process, and manage the stress and anxiety that comes with our professional and personal lives.

The focus of this talk is not specifically on work, because it addresses thoughtful ways to approach every aspect of our lives from our mental and physical health, to our relationships both personally and professionally. Whether new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, this talk with give you some insights, guidance, and the opportunity to practice.

Come see Aqeel Yaseen at RVAsec 13!