Tucker Mahan currently leads emerging technology initiatives at MAXX Potential, expanding capabilities and coaching others to build careers in technology.

He is a lifelong learner with a passion for all things Technology, and loves to share his ever-evolving knowledge on the subject. When he’s not helping others learn the fundamentals, he’s actively involved in many community and personal passion projects.

Trained in qualitative and quantitative data analysis to recognize trends and patterns
MicroMasters from The Georgia Institute of Technology in Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods
MAXX Potential Distinguished Alumni
VCU, BSc Sociology, minor in Math & Religious Studies

Defending Against the Deep: Is your workforce ready for Generative AI Adversaries? (<– add to your schedule)

Gain insight into the evolving landscape of cybersecurity in the age of AI Generated Content. From defending against multi-vector cyber attacks to empowering your workforce through AI-powered cybersecurity awareness, Defending Against the Deep delves into the intricacies of Generative AI. Together, we will look at case studies, a technical demonstration of current capabilities, keys for leveling up your workforce, and an opportunity to test your ability to recognize AI Generated Content. In this talk, explore how the same technology used for malicious intent can be harnessed for good, offering innovative solutions to safeguard enterprise environments.

Come see Tucker Mahan at RVAsec 13!