We are pleased to announce the first batch of speakers for RVAsec 13!  Secure your ticket as prices increase on May 1.

While there are still more speakers to announce and the exact schedule is still coming, head over to https://rvasec13.sched.com/directory/speakers to read more about each speaker and talk abstracts!

  • Kymberlee Price – Keynote
  • Caleb Sima – Keynote
  • Darryl MacLeod – Strategic Alliances: How GRC Teams Can Empower Offensive Security Efforts
  • Ariyan Suroosh – Its Coming From Inside the House: A Guide to Physical Facility Penetration Testing
  • Chris Tillett – The Human Experience of Security Operations
  • Jennifer Shannon – API-ocalypse
  • Kevin Johnson – Orion’s Quest: Navigating the Cyber Wilderness – Tales of Modern Penetration Testing
  • Aqeel Yaseen – Mindfulness, Meditation, and Cybersecurity
  • Corey Brennan – Embracing my inner cyber wizard to defeat Impostor Syndrome
  • Corey Overstreet – That Shouldn’t Have Worked – Payload Development
  • Ross Merritt – Improv Comedy for Social Engineering
  • David J. Bianco – My Way is Not Very Sportsman-Like: Shaping Adversary Behavior to Strengthen Defenses
  • Nick Copi – Some Assembly Required: Weaponizing Chrome CVE-2023-2033 for RCE in Electron
  • Oren Koren – Verified for Business Continuity: How to Remediate Risk Safely Across the Enterprise
  • Luke McOmie (Pyr0) – Apples to Apples
  • Sam Panicker – Quickstart to building your own Private AI Chat
  • Jimi Sebree / Evan Grant – Consumer Routers Still Suck
  • Micah Parks – Reverse Engineering for Dummies: The “what if?” user
  • Tucker Mahan – Defending Against the Deep: Is your workforce ready for Generative AI Adversaries?
  • Ben Haynes – Prioritization Myths Busted with Better Vulnerability Data
  • Ali Ahmad – Hacking Exchange from the Outside In

Stay tuned for additional speaker announcements coming soon! We will have a new layout this year with multiple tracks.

And if you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, the time to do so is now as prices go up on May 1st!

Get your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rvasec-13-security-conference-tickets-776407274057