Ch-ch-ch-changes! Every year we grow & tweak RVAsec to provide the best experience possible, and this year is no exception. The biggest change is that we’ve added a third room for talks, the “101” track, where the foundations of cyber security topics will be presented. While you can learn in any of our tracks, if you’re new to security, or want to learn the basics of something new, this is the place for you!

While the track is called “101”, this isn’t meant to come across negative. These talks are given by some of the best speakers, and will provide amazing insight. The big difference is that in this track, concepts are explained, and the intended target is anyone that wants to learn about a specific topic.

Here is the current 101 line up:

Wednesday, May 22

11:00am - Intro to Infosec and Overview of the 101 Track - Deana Shick

1:00pm - What is Cyber Insurance? Are you covered? - Lou Botticelli • Kara Owens

2:00pm - Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests - David Sullivan

3:00pm - Social Engineering, Physical Security & USB Attacks - Brad Thornto
Thursday, May 23
10:10am - Risk Assessment - The Heart of Risk-based Security - Barry Kouns

11:10am - Network Security 101 - Rick Lull

1:00pm - Being Secure Doesn’t Mean You Are Managing Risk - Charles Tango

2:00pm - RVAsec 101 Panel - Deana Shick

Room Planning & Schedule Request:

Finding the space to handle a third track at VCU proved to be challenging. Therefore, we need some assistance from our attendees to help us determine which rooms are appropriate for the speaking tracks. We are asking everyone to take a moment and update your Schedule in Sched.

When you registered for the conference you should have been automatically signed up for Sched.  It would be best that you check your email for the invitation and follow the instruction.

Once logged into Sched, you can visit the Conference Schedule and then select the talks that you plan to attend. This will be particular helpful for us if are planning to attend talks in the 101 track.  Then you can click the Radio Dial next to each talk Title that you plan to attend:

This helps with using Sched to its fullest, but also for capacity planning.  We would like to request that you do this as soon as possible.

We are very excited and also thrilled to have Deana Shick from CERT/CC with us this year helping to run this 101 track!