Kris serves as the Chief Technology Officer and penetration testing lead for Critical Fault. After 10 years as a network administrator, Kris freelanced as a web developer for 2 years. Obsessing over the vulnerabilities within Kris’ own codebase, Kris began giving talks detailing the security issues and methods for stopping malicious attacks at the code level.

Since then, Kris has served as a penetration testing manager and as the co-founder for a penetration testing firm, regularly speaking at events on application security and digital forensics.

Digital Forensics: Reconstructing an Attack in Modern Web Apps

Application security struggles to keep up with modern development. Attacks against applications will only continue to grow. Web3? DevOps? Pipeline? Supply chain? With so many buzz words amidst a myriad of undiscovered vulnerabilities, where does your incident response team start after an incident?

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