Justin VarnerJustin started his InfoSec career as a cryptographer at NASA, and 16 years later after exploring nearly every domain available, I’ve never been more excited to teach people how to use security to make their lives better.

Honeypot Boo Boo: Understanding Adversaries with Deception Technology

Breaches continue happening at unprecedented rates with huge financial impact to the global economy year after year and take a massive toll on the psychological well being of the security professionals tasked with constantly defending against threats from all angles.

Our traditional approach to breach detection that is focused on triaging alerts generated by massive amounts of aggregated data from disparate sources is not working. Adversaries know this fact and regularly benefit from it.

The average breach goes unnoticed for 287 days. That’s an exorbitant amount of time for anyone to surreptitiously run off with an organization’s crown jewels and inflict significant damage with ramifications that include consumer privacy violations, loss of trust, steep financial penalties, and irreversible reputational damage.

We need a new approach if we’re ever going to stop the madness.

This talk discusses this new approach to breach detection that is intended to improve alert fidelity, reduce time-to-detection, mitigate the blast radius of a breach, and prevent the massive level of burnout affecting the security community.

We will cover multiple methods for easily deploying effective breach detection technology right now regardless of the size and scope of your environment.

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