Ian Y. Garrett is the CEO and co-founder of Phalanx, which provides human-centric data security through seamless, secure file transfers & storage.

Ian knows that the best security strategy starts with helping the users it will affect. Ian has gained this insight through his experience as a US Army Cyber officer, specializing in offensive operations and capabilities, and his work in the defense sector as a program manager and data scientist. He has spoken at numerous events and conferences on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and the effects of the future of work on cybersecurity.

Ian holds a B.S in Computer Science from West Point (United States Military Academy), an M.S in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, and conducts research in support of his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech with research focused on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

To Err is Human: Combating Human Error in the Future of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare data breaches are on average the most expensive breaches to date and are often caused by human error. The future of cybersecurity must focus on addressing the leading cause of data breaches while not burdening the everyday user. This talk benefits security professionals from all industries while it deep-dives healthcare to highlight the effect of human error on data breaches, how they’re getting worse, why they’re so expensive, what’s being done today, and where we need to go to fix it in the future.

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