Colin Estep

Colin Estep is currently a threat researcher at Netskope focused on developing user and entity behavior analytics for cloud environments. Colin was previously the CSO at Sift Security (acquired by Netskope), where he helped create a product to do breach detection for IaaS environments. He was a senior engineer on the security teams at Netflix and Apple before joining Sift.
Prior to Apple, he was an FBI Agent specializing in Cyber crime. As an Agent, he spent a fair amount of time coordinating with other countries to locate and arrest malware authors and botnet operators.

Twitter: @colinestep

Insiders packing their bags with your data

What if your organization could discover which of your employees are exfiltrating data prior to leaving? We analyzed the behavior of more than 3 million users, and will present the insights found for employees preparing to leave, the nature and quantity of the data they target, and the services they use.

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