Oren Koren is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Veriti. Oren brings 19 years of experience in cybersecurity, advanced threat analysis, and product management. Prior to founding Veriti, Oren was a Senior Product Manager at Check Point Software Technologies, where he led AI-based innovations and advanced data analytics projects redefining threat hunting and SIEM applications. Before Check Point, Oren served for 14 years in the prestigious 8200 unit and was responsible for various cybersecurity activities and research. Oren’s allocades include the Israeli Security Award and 3 MoD (Ministry of Defense) awards for cutting-edge innovations in cyber security. X (Twitter): @orenkorenCLO

Verified for Business Continuity: How to Remediate Risk Safely Across the Enterprise (<– add to your schedule)

Remediation can feel like a high-wire act, balancing the need to close exposures against the imperative of maintaining business continuity. This talk addresses the quintessential challenge: how can organizations utilize their existing arsenal of security tools to remediate vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and exposures without halting the business engine? Glean insights from a seasoned industry expert on leveraging security logs, configurations, and threat intelligence to unearth exposures, teaching CISOs to navigate this delicate balance.

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