Jennifer Shannon is a Senior Security Consultant at Secure Ideas with a background in malware analysis, penetration testing, and training. An avid computer geek for most of her life, she began her journey in cybersecurity as a SOC Analyst where she showed an aptitude for both penetration testing and malware analysis. She has experience performing penetration tests against web applications, mobile software and platforms, and physical security assessments.

Jennifer discovered a passion for computers and problem solving at a young age. She bought Steal This Computer Book 2.0, by Wallace Wang, with one of her first paychecks, and became enamored with hacking and cyber security. While pursuing her degree she dedicated time to teaching computing skills to underrepresented minorities. She is the co-leader for the TOOOL chapter in Jacksonville, FL. Jennifer continues to be passionate about teaching and is eager to share her knowledge with others.
X (Twitter): @Jencrypti0n

API-ocalypse (<– add to your schedule)

Get ready for a wild ride as Jennifer Shannon, a Senior Security Consultant at Secure Ideas, takes the stage to present “”API-ocalypse”” In this thrilling and entertaining session, Jennifer will showcase the vulnerabilities lurking within APIs and the havoc they can wreak if left unaddressed. Through live pentesting demos, she will demonstrate jaw-dropping exploits, mind-bending injection attacks, and authentication bypass techniques that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Join Jennifer as she navigates the dark side of API’s to help you understand and fortify your attack surface in order to prevent the impending API-ocalypse.

Come see Jennifer Shannon at RVAsec 13!