Ever since he blew a capacitor installing a Cd drive and causing a small fire in his first self-built computer, Corey has been obsessed with computer systems and how they work. After 13 years in the Infosec industry wearing just about every hat, from being in a SOC to hunting threats in a CIRT to Security Engineering for customers, He is happily in a security engineering role protecting Virginians saving for the most important things to them, while wearing a cool t-shirt every day as per his manager’s request. Mastadon: @vgzbrennan@infosec.exchange

Embracing my inner cyber wizard to defeat Impostor Syndrome (<– add to your schedule)

Impostor syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that makes you feel like a fraud, despite your achievements and qualifications. It can affect your confidence, performance, and well-being. In this talk, We will discuss Impostor Syndrome and I will share my Infosec journey and how I’ve worked on minimizing the effects of Impostor Syndrome over the course of my career. I will go into detail about the concept of the Hacker Grimoire and how it and a focus on documentation in general helped me to challenge my Impostor Syndrome. Additionally, We’ll take a peek into my Hacker Grimoire and also give you tips on how to get started with your own.

Come see Corey Brennan at RVAsec 13!