Chris currently works for Palo Alto Networks in R&D, helping customers stay ahead of threat actors and helping our products stay customer focused. His experience with UEBA and IAM helped drive the ITDR module to not only focus on Identity based attacks, but also the entire Identity lifecycle helping to improve outcomes for customers and detections for Insider Threat programs across the globe. He loves talking to customers about SIEM, Security Operations, and the analyst experience which allows him to learn and adjust accordingly. Never an expert, always a student.

The Human Experience of Security Operations (<– add to your schedule)

Security Operations has become the talk of the town now that there are CoPilots, Unified Consoles, and VC money pouring into the field. While many of those things address technical aspects what about the business of security operations? Specifically the people involved. Chris Tillett has spent 2 years interviewing SOC leaders and analysts and would like to share his results from this data driven approach.

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