Abnormal Security – RVAsec 13 Silver Sponsor

RVAsec is pleased to present Abnormal Security as an RVAsec 13 Silver sponsor!

Get comprehensive email protection against attacks that exploit human behavior, including phishing, social engineering, and account takeovers, with a platform that deeply understands human behavior.

X (Twitter): @AbnormalSec

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Arctic Wolf – RVAsec 13 After Party Co-Sponsor

RVAsec is pleased to present Arctic Wolf as an RVAsec 13 After Party co-sponsor!

End cyber risk for your organization with the Arctic Wolf® Security Operations Cloud and Concierge Delivery Model.

X (Twitter): @AWNetworks

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SAIC – RVAsec 13 Platinum Sponsor

RVAsec is pleased to present SAIC as an RVAsec 13 Platinum sponsor!

SAIC® is a premier Fortune 500® technology integrator focused on advancing the power of technology and innovation to serve and protect our world. Our robust portfolio of offerings across the defense, space, civilian and intelligence markets includes secure high-end solutions in mission IT, enterprise IT, engineering services and professional services. We integrate emerging technology, rapidly and securely, into mission critical operations that modernize and enable critical national imperatives.

X (Twitter): @SAICinc

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Lockpick Village & Contest Sponsored by Rotas Security

Join us at the RVAsec Lockpick Village! 

Test your skills on a range of locks, including mini-doors, from easy to challenging, with a variety of picks at your disposal.

Never picked a lock? Fret not! We have very beginner-friendly options available, as well as instructors to assist in your lockpicking education and adventures.

Think you’re a top-notch picker or want to challenge yourself? Then plan to enter our timed contest! Race through a series of locks and compete for the fastest time to win a prize.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we’ll provide hand sanitizer for use while you explore the ancient art of lockpicking.

Come by and have a blast with the team!

Rotas Security provides focused offensive cybersecurity solutions fortifying the security posture of organizations. We are experts in adversarial simulation, advanced persistent threat emulation, penetration testing, red teaming, attack surface analysis, and threat hunting.

Cyberhaven – RVAsec 13 Gold Sponsor

RVAsec is pleased to present Cyberhaven, Inc. as an RVAsec 13 Gold sponsor!

Cyberhaven protects data other tools can’t see, from threats they can’t detect, across technologies they can’t control.

X (Twitter): @CyberhavenInc

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Grip Security – RVAsec 13 Sponsor

RVAsec is pleased to present Grip Security as an RVAsec 13 sponsor!

Discover Shadow SaaS and rogue cloud accounts. Prioritize identity sprawl risks. Secure unsanctioned SaaS and cloud accounts. Orchestrate risk mitigation and remediation.

X (Twitter): @GripSecurity

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Capture The Flag (CTF) Run By MetaCTF and Sponsored By CoreLight

The RVAsec Capture the Flag (CTF) competition is once again run by MetaCTF and sponsored by Corelight!

Capture the Flag is a hands-on security competition where participants are tasked with solving a variety of challenges covering a range of topics and difficulties with the goal of finding “flags.” Like last year, the competition will include both a jeopardy-style and an attack & defense component.

This CTF is beginner friendly. If you’ve never participated in one before, this is the perfect opportunity to start! We’ll host platform walkthroughs and provide a practice environment on Day 1 of the conference to help participants prepare. The actual competition will take place on Day 2. Among others, challenge categories will include web exploitation, reverse engineering, OSINT, cryptography, forensics, and binary exploitation.

This year the CTF is being held in the middle of the Expo hall. The action and energy is going to be the highlight of the conference this year!

Tuesday: 1 PM to 4 PM – CTF prep, stop by the CTF area anytime

Wednesday: 10 AM to 3 PM – CTF

You’ll need a laptop to participate. You may compete as an individual or in a team of up to 4. We have over $2,000 in prizes, plus free training and 2025 RVAsec conference tickets. 

Check out https://metactf.com/prep for additional preparation instructions.

MetaCTF is a cyber skills platform that helps companies assess, recruit, retain, and upskill cyber talent. We specialize in competition-based exercises, such as on-demand labs, traditional jeopardy-style CTFs, and attack & defense CTFs that can be used for tool/skill training, secure coding, security awareness, and more. If you’re interested in hands-on exercises or labs for your team, reach out to us at contact@metactf.com or learn more at https://metactf.com/

James Madison University – RVAsec 13 Gold Sponsor

RVAsec is pleased to present James Madison University as an RVAsec 13 Gold sponsor!

Friendly, real people. Small classes. Nationally recognized. Affordable. In JMU’s MBA program, you aren’t just a number. You’re a valued member of a diverse cohort with a myriad of business experiences and perspectives. Our hybrid study format is designed to allow you to build relationships in-person to set the foundation for rich discussion in the online sessions. Our professors are passionate about the content, and design courses that are relevant and adaptive to today’s ever-changing business world—all while being mindful that you are working full time while you complete your degree.

The MBA degree with a concentration in information security is designed to help you become a manager with a strong understanding of business fundamentals who also understands the business applications of InfoSec.

If you have a minimum of two years of professional work experience and are interested in leading an information security or compliance team, the information security concentration is made for you.



RVAsec 13 tickets are available now!

RVAsec 13 Speaker Feature: Ross Merritt

Ross Merritt is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Former Private Investigator, Performing Comedian, and a Cyber Security Consultant at Blue Bastion specializing in Social Engineering and OSINT.

Improv Comedy for Social Engineering (<– add to your schedule)

This workshop that introduces the techniques used in Improv Comedy and applies them to skills used in the OFFSEC field to enable the participants to better communicate, think on their feet, and gain confidence when operating in the unknown.

Come see Ross Merritt at RVAsec 13!

RVAsec 13 Speaker Feature: Jason Ross

Jason Ross is a passionate cybersecurity expert with a diverse skillset in Penetration Testing, Cloud Security, OSINT, DevOps Security, and Incident Response. As a lead security engineer at Salesforce, Jason oversees security evaluations and penetration tests — most recently with a specific focus on AI and Large Language Models. Jason is active in the security community, frequently speaking at industry events, and is committed to education as an adjunct faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Global Cybersecurity Institute. X (Twitter): @rossja

Unlocking Generative AI: Balancing Innovation with Security (<– add to your schedule)

Join us for ‘Unlocking Generative AI: Balancing Innovation with Security’ as we navigate the complex landscape of generative AI in corporate environments. From understanding the fundamentals to exploring security threats like data poisoning and model theft, discover how large enterprises can safeguard sensitive data and AI models. Learn robust mitigation strategies to tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring a secure future for AI innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the promising yet challenging world of generative AI security.

Come see Jason Ross at RVAsec 13!