Instructor: Kizz MyAnthia

Metasploit is most commonly known for its epic pwnage of network and service level vulnerabilities. What you may not know is that same epic pwnage can be leveraged exploiting web application vulnerabilities. By leveraging the ability to custom build Metasploit modules or tools using the framework the power of Metasploit is only limited by the imagination of the user. “Into The Worm Hole: Metasploit For Web PenTesting” will build on prior knowledge of Metasploit and help elevate the tester’s skills and abilities by working hands-on building a custom scanner, using Metasploit to exploit Web Vulnerabilities, and learn to use Metasploit for phishing, XSS, and other web application vulnerabilities.

Training classes are held on Thursday, June 4th, before the conference.  This class will cost $250.

Into the Worm Hole: Metasploit for Web PenTesting
“Into the Worm Hole: Metasploit for Web PenTesting” is an Intermediate level class and attendees should understand what Metasploit is and how to use it. A knowledge of Ruby is extremely beneficial, but some scripting experience or skill (any language) is recommended.

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