Amelia Szczuchniak

Amelia is a security analyst working for ISECOM. From the beginning of her path in the cybersecurity industry, she’s been working with and learning from acknowledged professionals. This gave her a strong foundation and a set of skills that she intends to greatly expand. On a daily basis, she works with electronic evidence, collecting and analyzing it while maintaining the chain of custody. She conducts cyber investigations. She is also a cybersecurity trainer for the military and the Hacker Highschool project.

Why You Can’t Call the Police

Let me tell you a story about what it’s like as a lawfirm’s investigator to try to get justice for someone after they’ve been robbed online. The problem starts with finding the perpetrator. We will walk through the process of investigating crypto hot wallets and NFTs while we collect electronic evidence with proper chain of custody to prove a theft occurred. Then I’ll show you how we need to dox and hack our way through the web of forums and social networks to uncover an anonymous suspect. Again, keeping proper, court-admissable evidence. I’ll introduce you to the AI tools and automation we built to capture and search huge volumes of discussions and videos the moment they appear in many of the popular social networks and forums. Finally, I’ll end the tale with who we found and how we sent the police to their home to get justice. But it’s not a happy ending.

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