Evan Grant is based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia and works as a Security Researcher at Tenable. He got his start in infosec working with the Canadian Forces Reserves, and has been hooked ever since. Outside of work, he occasionally tries to climb rocks, at which he is definitely worse than Jimi.

Jimi Sebree is security researcher on Tenable’s Research team. With a strong background in software engineering and security, he bounces between research disciplines in an effort to appear knowledgeable about a variety of topics. Occasionally he succeeds in tricking someone into listening to his ramblings. X (Twitter): @dinobytes / @stargravy

Consumer Routers Still Suck (<– add to your schedule)

You know that little box in the corner of your house doing all the heavy lifting required to connect you (and, now that everyone is working from home, your company) with the rest of the world? Yeah, that one. It’s no secret that these things are oftentimes security nightmares for consumers, but have ISPs or the various networking vendors improved things over the years, or are they still just as terrible as we all think they are?

Over the last few years, we’ve done a deep dive into many of these devices to see what makes them tick and evaluate the risks posed to consumers. In this talk, we’ll provide a rapid fire assessment of a handful of these devices, showcase the commonalities between flaws discovered, shed some light on behind-the-scenes supply chain issues plaguing this industry, and discuss where we see things going from here.

Come see Jimi Sebree / Evan Grant at RVAsec 13!