Jason Ross is a passionate cybersecurity expert with a diverse skillset in Penetration Testing, Cloud Security, OSINT, DevOps Security, and Incident Response. As a lead security engineer at Salesforce, Jason oversees security evaluations and penetration tests — most recently with a specific focus on AI and Large Language Models. Jason is active in the security community, frequently speaking at industry events, and is committed to education as an adjunct faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Global Cybersecurity Institute. X (Twitter): @rossja

Unlocking Generative AI: Balancing Innovation with Security (<– add to your schedule)

Join us for ‘Unlocking Generative AI: Balancing Innovation with Security’ as we navigate the complex landscape of generative AI in corporate environments. From understanding the fundamentals to exploring security threats like data poisoning and model theft, discover how large enterprises can safeguard sensitive data and AI models. Learn robust mitigation strategies to tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring a secure future for AI innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the promising yet challenging world of generative AI security.

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