Evan Booth is a builder and architect at Counter Hack, a company devoted to building fun and engaging challenges that educate and evaluate information security professionals. Armed with a profound fascination with how things are built, Evan has spent the past 20 years working on the creative, strategic, and engineering components of software and hardware projects for a wide variety of clients. Evan enjoys spending time with his family, taking stuff apart, and occasionally putting stuff back together again. X (Twitter): @evanbooth

Scaling Your Creative Output with AI: Lessons from SANS Holiday Hack Challenge 2023 (<– add to your schedule)

The rise in prominence of AI-powered content generation tools over the past year was tough to miss, and, heck, you have probably already created some cool stuff with them. Putting these tools to work in a meaningful, scalable way, however, can prove challenging.

In this talk, I will equip you with the technical knowledge required to build AI-enhanced tools, we’ll discuss strategies for identifying opportunities for said tools, and we’ll look at real-world examples from SANS Holiday Hack Challenge, the best darn free, seasonal hacking challenge in the world.

Come see Evan Booth at RVAsec 13!