David is a Staff Security Strategist on Splunk’s SURGe research team. He is also a SANS Certified Instructor, where he teaches network forensics. David has more than 20 years of experience in the information security field, primarily in incident detection and response, threat hunting, and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). He is the creator of both the Pyramid of Pain and the Threat Hunting Maturity Model, both widely cited defensive security models. Really, he just wants to make security better for everyone, and he has a special interest in helping people get started in their cybersecurity careers. You can follow David on Twitter as @DavidJBianco or on Mastodon as @DavidJBianco@infosec.exchange. X (Twitter): @DavidJBianco

My Way is Not Very Sportsman-Like: Shaping Adversary Behavior to Strengthen Defenses (<– add to your schedule)

We’re taking a fresh look at how to beat cyber attackers at their own games! It’s all about using our defender advantages wisely, controlling, constraining, and shaping the adversary’s moves before the attack even begins. We’re ditching the old “”Defender’s Dilemma”” mindset and showing how smart defense strategies can make a huge difference. Let’s shift our thinking, use our advantages better, and boost our defense without breaking the bank.

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