David Girvin

Hacker, BJJ enthusiast, world traveler and surfer. I am a giant weirdo who somehow found my niche in offensive security. I have been blessed getting to build AppSec programs for companies like 1Password and Red Canary. I have an extremely diverse background and hope I can relate and or add value to everyones experience,

Social Engineering the Social Engineers: How to not suck at buying software. (<– add to your schedule)

There is a huge gap in security and that gap is understanding the process for acquiring security tools. After buying security tools as an architect and selling as a sales engineer I know the process, pitfalls and gaps in the process. We will dive into the process for both sides. You will learn how you should be architecting your program and winning budget for those tools. We will also explore what happens on the sales side of deal. I will explain what to look out for and what you can take advantage of and the common mistakes we make.
Sales people are top tier social engineers we will explore how to hack them.

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