Ayush Priya is a Cyber Security Engineer specialising in Cloud and Data Security, and DevSecOps practices. He loves to develop automation for security controls and processes. He has delivered talks at various conferences and security communities like GrayHat’20, and Cyber Security Global Summit to name a few. He also contributes to the OWASP Ranchi chapter as the Chapter Lead. He currently works at CRED as a cloud & data security engineer.

Saksham Tushar specializes in various aspects of Threats, including intelligence, detection, analytics, and hunting. He has experience leading teams and collaborating with organizations such as Informatica, Microsoft, and IBM to establish multiple global Security Operations Centers. Currently, he holds the position of Head of Security Operations at CRED India. He possesses extensive expertise in developing, refining, and transitioning Threat Management programs, including Advanced MDR Operations across ASEAN & EMEA regions. Additionally, he creates threat detections and hunts and shares them with the community through analytical Notebooks.
X (Twitter): @ayushpriya10

Building Illusions in the Cloud: Deception Engineering (<– add to your schedule)

Deception engineering is a defence-in-depth strategy which many organisations overlook. Post achieving certain level of maturity over their infrastructure security processes, deception engineering is a great security project to enhance monitoring via high fidelity alerts and targeted knowledge of an attack in terms of where the attack’s epicentre exists, what actions are the attackers taking, etc.

This session aims to share the overview of what entails when building a deception engineering charter, how to plan for deploying honeypots and honeytokens, and finally how to handle a potential incident that was detected via a honeypot.

Come see Ayush Priya / Saksham Tushar at RVAsec 13!