Ariyan Bakhti-Suroosh is a senior security consultant on the Attack and Penetration team under Optiv’s Threat Management divison. Ariyan has a diverse background in information technology caused by an exigent curiosity for how things work. Ariyan has over 5 years of experience in comprehensive internal and external penetration testing of large enterprise environments as well as focused targeted attacks against small targets. Ariyan’s area of expertise is in physical facility penentration test where he has put together training for Optiv as well as delivered a talk at SANS Hackfest on methodology and execution. X (Twitter): @pursuit_of_root

Its Coming From Inside the House: A Guide to Physical Facility Penetration Testing (<– add to your schedule)

Physical security is crucial to any organization; however, physical security sometimes takes a back seat. Many companies still maintain a physical office presence, and protecting employees working from the office, along with other critical assets is vitally important as protecting networks. An attacker gaining access into a building through social engineering or other means of physical entry could jeopardize those critical assets and employee’s safety. Attackers may access unattended workstations, open file cabinets, server rooms, or other information inside the organization. Skilled attackers may only need a few moments to slip into a building and plant a remote access device on the network without anyone noticing they were in the building.

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