RVAs3c Capture The Flag:
The RVAsec Capture The Flag (CTF) is getting close! Below are details that are meant to ensure participants are prepared for the event. We’re excited to invite anyone and everyone who is interested in learning and exploring using different tools and techniques with hands on practical exercises to join us.

The team has worked hard to keep the “every man or woman” feel of the CTF from last year in effect. There are challenges of different varieties that should satisfy every skill level.

This year we are again going for the wireless competition, which allows a little bit of freedom as far as cables go. There will be a dedicated space setup in the vendor area, with some seating on first come basis. Please confirm in advance with the survey you will receive from the RVAs3c organizers soon to help us make sure we have enough space and can better guarantee you’ll be counted when that space is divided up.

We plan to have staff walking around to assist folks in case of any major issues, as well as to answer questions, within reason. We can’t give you the answers of course, unless you happen to have some massive dogecoin wallets laying around (kidding!).

When: Friday, 06/06/2014 – Start time will be near 10am EST, and end time will be at or prior to 4pm EST; announcements will be made onsite. Also, note that we have CTF prep time on Day 1 if you have questions or need helping getting setup. The first 10 people that show up to the prep session will get a custom SecuraBit USB case. The RVAsec schedule also reflects this: http://rvasec.com/schedule/
Where: Same location as the con itself (http://rvasec.com/location/) in the main vendor room.
Who: Living humanoid-ish… seriously, this is for everyone from hobbyists, sys/net admins, infosec pro’s, tinkerers, makers, fixers and breakers… come out and play. We’ll all teach, learn and grow together!
What: …to do. See below:
DO bring a wireless network enabled laptop. This will be primarily wireless access so make sure you have that capability.
DO have the ability to run Backtrack 5r3 (http://www.backtrack-linux.org/downloads/), Pentoo (http://www.pentoo.ch/) or Kali Linux (http://www.kali.org/) either as a virtual machine, from bootable media (CD/DVD flash drive), or installed as your OS. Most of the scenarios in the CTF can be completed with the tools within these security-centric Linux distributions. Not a requirement per se, but a BIG suggestion.
DO understand that the CTF network is a closed private network, and will not have Internet access. CTF Participants will have the ability to connect to a separate guest wireless network with internet access for research, tool downloads, etc. during the event, but will have to disconnect from the CTF network to do so. Do not rely on this entirely though, if that wireless goes down it may be beneficial to bring your own hotspot.
DO listen to and respect any instructions and guidance provided at the event. We want to provide an environment that is conducive to learning, tinkering, exploring and having a good time.
What: …NOT to do. See below:
DON’T use words or phrases like “irregardless”, “all of the sudden” or “cybergeddon”.
DON’T feed or pet any of the conference organizers or volunteers.
DON’T attack any other CTF participants (logically or physically).
Pre-Register: If you plan to participate in the CTF we ask that you check the CTF option when registering for RVAsec or if you’re unsure if you did already, email us atfeedback@securabit.com and we’ll make sure you’re accounted for.
************  What you can win? *******************

There are some awesome prizes lined up.

First place is a HackRF Pre-order, which is a really great way to learn about wireless beyond the standard 2.4 and 5GHz most are used to from mainstream access points.

Second place is a Pineapple courtesy of Hak5, for all your pwning needs.

Third place is the Android Hacker’s Handbook, to assist you in understanding all sorts of wonderfully evil things you can do to your phone or tablet, or anything else running Android!

If you have any questions please let us know!