We are pleased to announce that Gregory Bell will be joining us this year to teach a class!

Integrating Computer Forensics with Incident Response

Over the last decade, the number of crimes that involve computers has grown, spurring an increase in companies and products that aim to assist law enforcement in using computer-based evidence to determine the who, what, where, when, and how for crimes. As a result, computer and network forensics has evolved to assure proper presentation of computer crime evidentiary data into court.

This class will show attendees the basic phases of the forensic process and incident response considerations, how to better integrate Computer (Digital) Forensics into their current Incident Response plan and Information System life cycle, and the tools and skill sets used to support computer forensics.  For instance, when employees are terminated does Human Resource notify Information Security to preserve the terminated employee’s hard drive in the event litigation occurs at a later date?

Training classes are held on Thursday, June 3rd, before the conference.

For more information on the class and the instructor, or to register, please see: