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Speaker Feature: Elissa “#LADYBOSS” Shevinsky

Elissa “#LADYBOSS” Shevinsky



200x200_shevinsky.png (200×200)Elissa Shevinsky is CEO of JeKuDo Privacy Company. JeKuDo is building the best easy to use privacy tools, and is funded by the Mach37 cyber-security accelerator in Virginia.

Shevinsky is a frequent writer and speaker, and most recently gave talks at ShmooCon, DefCon, Pii2014, SXSW, the Computers Freedom and Privacy conference and various Meetups. Shevinsky is also the author of “Lean Out,” an anthology on Silicon Valley culture, published by OR Books.


The Changing Legal Landscape for InfoSec: What You Need to Know

As black hat threat actors attack and embarrass American companies and celebrities, the government seeks to show that it is strong on “cybercrime” by going after the most accessible targets – researchers, journalists and “hackers” like you and me.

Changing government policies and recent court decisions have created a climate where individual infosec researchers could be jailed in the course of doing their jobs. It’s a disturbing trend but there are ways to do our work while mitigating our personal risks.

This talk reviews court cases, policy decisions, and the history of hacker convictions, along with analysis from legal experts, to consider best practices for avoiding getting slammed for your research.


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RVAsec 2013 CFP is Now Open!

The call for papers for RVAsec 2013 is now open!

Conference: May 30 – June 1, 2013

Location: Richmond, VA

CFP Submission Deadline: February 4th, 2013 at 11:59 PM Eastern

RVAsec is a Richmond, VA based security convention that brings top industry speakers to the midatlantic region. In its first year, RVAsec 2012 attracted 175 security professionals from across the country. For 2013, the conference is expanding to a two day and dual-track format, with a mixed focus on technical and management/business presentations.

All talks must be 55 minutes in length, and submissions will need to select either technical or business/management tracks.

Join us and enjoy the perks!

For more information and requirements, or to submit, please visit: