Training: Vendor Risk Management and Trust Analysis

Instructor: Pete Herzog

Get a grip on the risk caused by your vendors, cloud, software
providers, partners, and other third parties you need to work with.
Manage it in an orderly way that doesn’t overwhelm you or become the
paperwork that sucks the life out of your job. Master it so you can
make sure the people in charge of those relationships can also help
you manage the security of those 3rd parties. This provides you with
the means and the toolkit you need to do it in a practical,
responsible, and secure method.

The class is divided in 2 parts. The morning will cover how Vendor
Risk Management works:

Part 1
What makes up Vendor Risk Management?
Decision-making for Vendors, Products, Cloud, and more
Techniques for Risk, Trust, and Security Analysis
Managing compliance, the four-letter-word with too many letters

Part 2
Working with the toolkit (web or iphone app).
Hands on- risk management techniques for:
– software
– vendors
– cloud
How to address new tech or new vendor types.
The finale: making your choice from solid facts.

Attendees will take home new, exclusive software tools and checklists
that will let them do amazing things in risk analysis.

About The Instructor

Pete (@peteherzog) is an expert at security tactics orchestrating
operations to fit strategy. As such he is able to solve very complex
security problems across many technologies and then teach and enable
his clients to do the same. He is best known as the creator of the
OSSTMM and Hacker Highschool. He is the co-founder and Managing
Director of ISECOM, a security research non-profit focused on
innovation. You can read about his background:

His full profile can be found here:

Here are details about his work in Trust and Neuro-hacking:

Title: Vendor Risk Management and Trust Analysis
Instructor: Pete Herzog
Date: 6/3/2015, 9AM-5PM
Cost: $350
Class Size: 25 seats are available total

Prerequisites: None.

Class Requirements: None.

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